Over the past 9 years, our company have grown tremendously. We are in awe of our customers’ loyalty and their continuing support. Consequently, we continue to work around the clock to identify and meet the needs of our customers. We have come to the realization that one of those needs are related to the financial challenges that come with planning a vacation, specifically when it comes to vacationing with a group. We want to make sure that no one is denied the ultimate VIP vacation experience that we offer due to last minute planning or financial conflict.  For that reason,  the VIP Marketing & Consulting Firm has created this membership program.


Offers the opportunity to customize your own VIP vacation experience by allowing you to accumulate small biweekly payments, that can be used towards any Destination Konpa in the next two years. This gives you control of your vacation without the stress of saving or organizing.  Whether it’s a  solo or a group vacation, when vacationing with  Destination Konpa all you have to do is decide where you want to go to next.


Created in 2018, “Vacay My Way” is brought to you by Destination Konpa, a subsidiary of The V.I.P Marketing & Consulting Firm, LLC. We are a service planning company that provides clients with a chance to experience a luxurious lifestyle. Our mission is to provide an easy way to vacation without all the hassle of planning. Our most well-known branding project is Konpa In Vegas (KIV), Konpa in Haiti (KIH), and most recently Konpa in New Orleans (KIN).


We promote a safe atmosphere for networking and socializing.

We organize several annual destination musical social events that present a forum that not only embodies multiple entertainment variations but also excludes a craved aspect of luxury while vacationing. 

We create and maintain a social platform for the Caribbean community, primarily the Haitian Music Industry (HMI) that exceeds all expectations. 

We expose music enthusiasts to a customized VIP vacation experience. 

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